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Magnet CC-60




Číslo produktu: 785
Výrobce: MAGNET
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Product Detail:

  • High Definition Six Channel Control Center at an affordable price.

  • Current feedback Topology circuitry by Richard Marsh.

  • High quality volume, balance and selector controls produced by ALPs Japan ensure low noise.

  • 6 line level inputs circuitry selector all relay.

  • Ground plane circuit board significantly reduces RF interference.

  • All RCA jacks are gold plated.

  • Built-in in AC line noise filter.

  • High quality anodized aluminum 6 mm. thick front panel


Technical Specification:

Frequency response    +0.01 dB

Total harmonic distortion THD+Noise    < 0.01%

Input Impedance    50kOhm

Signal gain    16.39 dB

Signal to noise Ratio    98 dB

Maximun signal voltage output    7 V(rms) @ 1kHz

Power Requirement (AC)    220V +/- 10% @ 50Hz

Stand By : 30 Watts