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Watson´s RCM 230 V

Poloautomatická pračka na gramodesky



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Výrobce: Watsons
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Watson´s RCM 230 V – poloautomatická čistička (pračka) vinylových LP desek. Důkladné hloubkové vyčištění drážek vinylových LP desek. Očištění i velmi znečištěných desek a zbavíte je také statického prachu.

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The benefits of the Watson's Record Cleaning Machine are:

  • Well built with a solid aluminium chassis
  • Forms a stable platform for holding the disc while cleaning
  • Has no play in the platter, rotates smoothly
  • Platter will not get wet because of its smaller size
  • Clamp holds the disc and prevents the record label from getting wet (and ruined)
  • Can withstand pressure from the brush without slowing down
  • Removes fluid and debris with a strong vacuum
  • Vacuum arm lifts up when vacuum is switched off
  • The felt strips on the vacuum arm are replaceable
  • Has a container for used fluid

A very strong point is - if necessary- we have parts available should something fail. However, we don't expect that you'll encounter any problems. A Watson's Record Cleaning Machine is meant to last for a long time;  it's well designed and well built.


Included in delivery:

  • Record Cleaning Machine
  • Power cord
  • Record Clamp
  • Brush
  • 12-inch vacuum arm with felt strips

The dimensions in mm are:  305(w) x 185(d) x 300(h), plus the platter extends 23mm on three sides