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Úvod » Integrované zesilovače » Electrocompaniet ECI-6 D


Electrocompaniet ECI-6 D



Int.zesilovač 2x 125W/8Ohm,DACsUSB 24/192

naše cena bez DPH: 99 165 Kč

naše cena s DPH(21 %): 119 990 Kč

do košíku:
Číslo produktu: 525
Výrobce: Electrocompaniet

ECI 6D Fully balanced integrated amplifier with built-in D/A converter

The ECI 6D is a powerful integrated amplifier, equipped with a number of analogue and digital inputs offering  a wide range of connectivity.

With its high performance sample rate converter and D/A converter the ECI 6D is able to improve all of your digital sources like TV’s, cable- and satellite tuners, CD/DVD/Blu-Ray players and not to forget your computer and media player. Independent of their native resolution all digital sources will be upsampled to 24bit/ 192kHz and can be connected by SPDIF, USB or Toslink.

The new ECI 6D offers 2 x 125 Watts and is based on the successful ECI 5 MK II. To make it even better we have equipped with an even better power supply and a more sophisticated preamplifier module. As a result we can offer you an extremely substantial and dynamic amplifier, capable to control a wide range of speakers in the marked.

Analogue sources can be connected to one balanced (XLR) input and three single-ended (RCA) inputs. Two preamplifier outputs, one balanced and one single ended, making sure the amplifier is prepared for future extensions.



All measurements are made at 120V / 240V  //50Hz / 60Hz
Digital section:
D/A converter 24 bit/192 kHz
Sample rate converter 24bit / 192kHz
Inputs SPDIF, 2x Toslink, 1x USB
USB: asynchronous  up to 24bit/ 192kHz supported
SPDIF: 24bit/ 192kHz
Toslink: 24bit/ 96kHz
Preamplifier section
Input impedance ( Balanced input ) 47Kohm
Maximum input level 10 Volt RMS
Noise floor ( 1Vrms, 20 - 20 kHz, balanced)
-135 dB
THD + N   (1Vrms, 20 - 20 kHz, balanced) <0.004%
Gain (Balanced) 0 dB
Amplifier section
Output Impedance < 0,02 Ohm
Frequency response 1 – 150 kHz
Channel separation > 120 dB
THD ( 20 - 20 kHz) < 0.004%
Maximum peak current >100A
Damping factor  8 ohm load >350
I Input sensitivity  120W output 1.3Vrms
Input sensitivity HT  120W output 1Vrms
Gain HT Input x36 (31 dB)
Rated output power
8 ohms 2 x 125 W
4 ohms 2 x 200 W
2 ohms 2 x 370 W

Power consumption

110 W

Standby 1W
(no load or signal)
Width 465 mm / 18.3 inches
Depth 405 mm / 16 inches
Height 128 mm / 5 inches

20Kg / 44 lbs.