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INAKUSTIK Premium 8m Standard HDMI Ethernet 180°

HDMI 8m, blue/silver



Číslo produktu: 994
EAN kód: 4001985507665
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High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet | HDMI 2.0*

  • 3-fold shielding
  • Conductors made of high-purity OFC copper
  • Tin plated copper conductors (oxidation protection)
  • 180 ° swivel connectors


Some plasma TVs and LCD TVs have the HDMI inputs on the back. This rules out mounting the TV directly on the wall. The Premium HDMI cable with plugs that can be rotated 180° solves the problem.



  • Ethernet Network (up to 100 Mbit)
  • Audio Return Channel
  • 3D-Video
  • Additional Color Spaces
  • Content Type
  • 2160p (4K x 2K Video)
  • 1080p (Full HD)
  • 1080i/720p
  • Data rate up to 18.2 Gbit/s (up to 10m cable length)
  • Deep Color multi-bit; x.v.Color
  • HDMI 2.0 compatible*
  • HD Audio: DTS™ HD, Dolby® True HD, Dolby® Digital Plus, PCM, DVD Audio, SACD
  • Up to 8 Audio-channels (24 Bit /192 kHz)
  • Lip sync: automatic synchronisation between picture and sound
  • CEC-, HDCP-, EDID-compatible


*HDMI 2.0 | Backround

The HDMI Forum, to which 88 companies from the multimedia branch belong, announced the specifications for the new HDMI standard – Version 2.0 – on 4 September 2013. The most important new feature of HDMI 2.0 is the support of 4K content with a frame refresh rate that is twice as high as the previous one. Depending of the cable length, most High Speed HDMI Cables with Ethernet from in-akustik already support HDMI 2.0 now and are therefore optimally suitable for the future requirements of the improved audio-visual interface. For the „Star“ HDMI cables this applies up to 3.0m length, „Premium“ HDMI cables meet the HDMI 2.0 standard up to 5.0m length, „Excellence“ up to 7.5 m length and our HDMI cables of „Reference“ series even up to 10m length.